Celsian Technologies, Inc. is a USA based Reseller of telecom semiconductor and equipment. The Company's product line provides OEMs and ODMs with technologies utilized in the manufacturing of symmetrical and asymmetrical transmission equipment over existing copper wiring infrastructure within a private or public network. Celsian resells products that are branded under the Celsian name to Telecomm Operators, Internet Service Provides, the US Military, Government Agencies, Corporate and SMB markets.

Since 1995, the Company has been providing innovative solutions to leading PC and telecomm equipment manufacturers. In recent years, Celsian has focused its efforts to assist manufacturers in reducing cost and ensure continuity of supplying trailing edge and legacy equipment. To learn more about our current programs, contact info@celsian.com

Celsian's success is achieved by:


  • Working closely with our customers
  • Building on our experience in supplying equipment to leaders in the telecomm industry
  • Providing solutions that enables the utilization of previous investments made in the infrastructure
  • Enabling the deployment of new and unique services that yield higher returns

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